International Institute of Towing and Recovery

IITR Course Descriptions

Instructor Led: The IITR Instructor-Led Program is available to approved towing associations and motor clubs. The program includes a PowerPoint presentation on CD with over 530 slides containing video, photography, graphics and animation. Also included is an Instructor's Guide with detailed lecture notes for every slide in the presentation and a Study Guide for class participants. Certification indicates that the certified tower has attained a skill level in safety and professionalism that is standard nationwide.

Self Study: The IITR "Towing and Recovery with Light Duty Equipment" Self-Study Course is laid out in a module format similar to that of the instructor-led program. The material is suitable for beginning light-duty tow operators as well as veteran operators. The 242-page manual is a complete course, with over 300 photographs and drawings, 204 review questions and eight Job Aids for use in the field. The Self Study Guide, when used with the accompanying Supervisor's Guide, can be used as the basis for an in-house training program to prepare operators for certification. The Supervisor's Guide contains over 300 review and discussion questions, more than 100 suggested activities, and a detailed Task List for each module to organize and document hands-on skills practice.

Both courses present a comprehensive overview of emergency road service and the towing and recovery industry. While the course offers detailed information on many topics the primary focus remains on safe and proper use of towing and recovery equipment that is consistent with industry standards and practices.

Course Goals:
Upon completion of the course, students will have the knowledge to:

  1. Operate light duty tow trucks, car carriers and road service equipment in a safe and professional manner
  2. Maintain towing and related equipment in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations and industry standards and practices
  3. Be familiar with laws, rules and regulations related to the towing industry
  4. Communicate effectively with the motoring public and public agency personnel.

The course is organized into seven modules. At the instructor's discretion, an eighth module may be added to provide more detailed information concerning state and local vehicle-code requirements, federal regulations, incident management information, cross training with public agencies, and specific automotive-related information.