International Institute of Towing and Recovery

IITR Course Delivery Options

The course is organized into seven modules. At the instructor's discretion, an eighth module may be added to provide more detailed information concerning state and local vehicle-code requirements, federal regulations, incident management information, cross training with public agencies, and specific automotive-related information.

Course Delivery

The course can be organized and presented two ways to accommodate different time and facility requirements. The time devoted to each subject and the related hands-on activity remain the same, but the timeline of the class is a little different.

Option One is to do the classroom portion of the program on days one and two and the hands-on work with the equipment on day three, along with a review period and testing.

Option Two is a modular approach that incorporates the hands-on activity at the end of each module, instead of devoting an entire day to hands-on work. With this "quick hit" approach, the modules could be presented one-at-a-time to accommodate scheduling, similar to taking a class that meets once or twice a week for several weeks.

Option One

Day One: Day Two:

Day 3 is devoted to hands-on towing equipment operation, recovery, and review (6.0 hours) and testing (1.0 hour).

Option Two (Quick Hits)

(Note: all times are approximate and may vary depending on class size and other factors.)